taBecoming a parent involves the greatest physical, emotional and social upheaval that most women will ever experience. The frustration of it can create stress and anxiety that is damaging both to the parent and child.

Monthly meetings take place every last Saturday of the month at the UCKG headquarters in Finsbury Park. Call 020 7686 6000 for more information about our meetings or access our website


RaLikewise, the RAHAB group doesn’t just focus on helping those who have suffered abuse, but to enable women to discover their self-worth and value. Unfortunately, many women have a number of internal issues, which give way to complexes and insecurities.

A RAHAB meeting takes place at the UCKG in Kilburn. Call 020 7686 6000 for more information or access our website


uOne of our members put it in a nutshell when she said: “The HelpCentre can change your life!” Helping people is what drives us. And yet, we realise that the best, most permanent help we can give anyone is to empower them – when we teach them how to help themselves. This goal underlines everything we do. In practical terms, the heart of our work is the daily meetings we hold at each HelpCentre.

Call 24-hr National Helpline: 0870 0682 000 local call rate for more information or access our website