You can’t skim through the shelves of your local newsagents without being drawn by an eclipsing headline of a celeb throwing a tantrum, lashing out or generally showing a stinky attitude. The funny thing is, despite their notoriety, no matter the poor attitudes, obnoxious comments and unnecessary bad behaviour, if one of them so much as bats an eyelid at some people, they would jump at the chance of becoming boy/girlfriend number X at the drop of a hat… Why is that?

“It beats being alone,” many would say, but even if the highlight of your week is a night in with a bag of chips and Eastenders on the box, does anyone really want to be stuck in a relationship with the wrong person?

The extreme measures that some people take to either find love or deal with a disappointment in love are examples of just how deeply matters of the heart cut through a person—especially when not handled properly.

And let’s be honest, most people deal with love in their own way and, more often than not, they end up with a bruised ego, a broken heart or scars that hold them back from loving and being loved.

But what if they could get “the perfect Matchmaker—a Helper who not only knew where their other half was, but could also make sure that s/he was just right from the inside out, while they took care of themselves?

This is what the Love Talk Live Seminar is all about—inviting the Spirit of Love into your life to help heal those wounds, prepare you for your partner for life and point you in the right direction.

THE SEMINARS – take place every Thursday at 8pm at the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park. The down-to-earth sessions use a mixture of practical advice, real-life examples, interactive meetings, and prayerful support.

ADVICE SESSIONS – allow you to express yourself in private and receive assistance geared towards your particular circumstance on a one-to-one basis, because we understand that no two cases are the same. To book an appointment, just call our 24-hr helpline on 020 7686 6000. All sessions are free of charge.


Love Intelligently
Love Talk Live  • Session Times: Thursday 8pm, only at the Rainbow Theatre
232 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, London N4 3NX
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