Sponsorship and advertising

Why sponsor a Television Show?
Sponsoring a television show exudes commercial affluence, screams viable strength, reputation, and solvency. Even if you are just getting started, advertising via television radiates a certain calibre. The prestige of association is the powerful medium of television. Brand affiliation, with the right consortium speaks volumes.

Creating this potential, businesses without such networks, often take decades to acquire the same level of expansion, growth, and reinforcement.

Social media is an integral part of marketing, allowing the spectrum to develop loyal clients and a strong community. It is necessary to be affiliated with the right brands for your product. This gives increased exposure and generates leads/sales. These social media channels will be managed by the show, so it really is advantageous to your business.

Currently the show is 100% sponsored by the Charity commission. The finance plan is, for that to be 50% Charity commission and 50% Advertising sponsorship. The Target Audience is anyone who is interested in love – whether it’s finding a relationship, maintaining a relationship, coping with loss, coming out a relationship or, simply watching life stories. As love has no age limit, no age limit has been applied to our target audience.

Viewership: It’s estimated 8.9 million homes have Sky in the UK.

‘My Channel’s’ range is*:

UK 12,000,000 SKY
BULGARIA 61,000 Cores,
Spectrum Net, Poland JSC,
FRANCE 1,600,000 Play TV
ROMANIA 350, 000
SLOVAKIA 3,000 Antic
Speedy Net, Noble com, +9 networks

We have also just extended Switzerland and are now moving to Uganda

Television Advertising
Show your commercial during our one hour show with up to 1 minute of adverts placed within the show up for grabs, or have a product placement, the choice is yours!

Love Talk is a My Channel/Record production for Sky 203. UCKG is the proud sponsor of the show. You too can be a co-sponsor or advertiser. Contact us on the details provided in this pack.