presenters-1James and Helena got married in the summer of 2001. They have worked in other countries but have mostly been in the UK.  Of their many activities, they have been advising both singles and couples, and hold seminars on Love Life on a weekly basis.

They met through mutual friends and fell for one another. Eleven months later, they tied the knot. It has been 12 years and they are still going strong, but it wasn’t always like that. They went through challenging times in their relationship as any other couple, and they will be sharing with the audience what they have learnt from it so far and what works for them.

Growing up in a broken family has made James value the family unit. His greatest achievement is, he has built a successful marriage. Over the years, James has developed a passion for helping people and has, consequently, been a relationship adviser for more than 12 years now.

In the earlier years, Helena was a radio presenter for Liberty Radio on “Love is in the Air” show. She has done TV presenting on and off for seven years and this TV show is a new challenge for both James and herself. She has also worked alongside her husband for 12 years as an adviser on relationship matters at the UCKG HelpCentre.

One of Helena’s greatest achievements was overcoming depression.

James loves football and is a huge Arsenal fan.

Don’t miss this dynamic show.  Join them and learn what could be beneficial to your love life!


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