So we hear there is a new TV programme about to hit our TV screen called “The Love  talk”, what is it about?
The aim of this programme is to hopefully help people with the real mechanics of love. Over the years the world has built an artificial view of what love is, and we want to help viewers understand that love is indeed very different from what is shown in Hollywood movies.

Ok, so what makes you an expert on love?
We don’t claim to be experts in love or even know everything there is to know about it. But 11 years of marriage, having learnt from previous experiences, and helping other couples through advice, will hopefully give viewers a better insight on how to improve their relationship.

Can you give us a marriage tip that works for you?
Well, something I have had to learn is: listen. Remember that your partner is your teammate, and wants the best for you. So listening to what he/she has to say goes a long way.

We want to get to know you a little bit more, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?
Helena and I are very different indeed. But whereas people would perhaps perceive this as a negative thing, it is actually great because we complement each other. She is very playful and I am more serious, which evens things out nicely.

What habit does Helena have that annoys you?
She is not great at time keeping. This really spoils my whole day and gets me moody until the next morning. I have been trying to learn to be a little more tolerant, but it hasn’t really worked. So she is just becoming more punctual.

What do you love about Helena?
She is very selfless and always thinks of me, even when she has greater needs than I do.

If you were stuck on a desert island and you could only take one thing, who would be the one that gets to pick what you take? Why?
That’s a difficult one. I think I would let her choose because she always knows what to pack… She even knows the things I can’t do without better than I do.

Out of the two of you, who would you say is the jealous one?
I think she is more jealous. I have never been a jealous person.

Tell us an embarrassing moment that you’ve had whilst on a date?
Helena was very reserved in the beginning; so there were a few. Perhaps when I tried to kiss her for the first time and she gave me her cheek instead. That wasn’t great.

Why should we tune in to watch this show?
I believe that people will learn that most problems in relationships can be solved. Hopefully, together we will be giving people solutions to their questions and problems. Let the Surgery commence.

James, would you say it was ‘love at first sight’ when you met Helena?
I had a bad experience in a previous relationship, so when I met Helena, I was very cautious. I took time to observe her character to really decide to take the next step in the relationship. I don’t really believe in love at first sight by the way.



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