Love intelligently and confidently is the core of our TV show love talk and our mission is to help you build a successful intimate relationship – whether you are single, married or divorced.

Once a week, we host at love talk, exciting discussion’s and topics on all the matters of the heart – with special guests/experts, inserts and captivating opinions.

With trip 4 two, we suggest where to go and what to do on a date while what’s amore?  Investigates what people think that love is.

Just before the love topic discussion takes place on our sofa, we ‘test’ our guests – with the love quiz –  so we can learn how well they know their partners and/or themselves. With the 3 most annoying things about your partner – well, easy to guess… We also look at the latest scientific research on love with a challenging eye – revealing many curious love facts which sometimes are turned into real experiments  in our love lab.

Having been married for 14 years – with many highs and some lows, they have also worked for 8 years as advisers on relationship matters. Love talk aims to share with you our own experience through a genuine look into the love sphere with a light-hearted irony and a strong grip on issues that matters to our hearts  – to learn together and grow from the mistakes we all make.

Have you got time to communicate, today? Then, love talk is for you.

Tune in to sky channel 203 – mychannel every saturday at 3pm. Or visit our YouTube Channel.









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