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The Show

Love Talk is an exciting and daring show that discusses captivating topics on all matters of the heart, featuring special guests, real life stories, experts plus much more. The host Edward and Ana’s mission, as the show hosts, is to help you build a successful and intimate relationship, whether you are single, married or divorced.

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Has your relationship fallen victim of being in a routine? Watch this episode where Edward and Ana will give you tips on how to break your bad routine and make the best of what you have! Tune in this Saturday at 11am on mytv, Sky channel 191.


Edward and Ana got married in November 2000. They have worked in different countries around the world, such as Brazil, Jamaica, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Presenters

Edward and Ana got married in November 2000. They have worked in different countries around the world, such as Brazil, Jamaica, the United States and the United Kingdom.

A good part of their work is to give relationship advice to both singles and couples, as well as holding weekly seminars on love life related topics.

Edward and Ana were both attendees at the UCKG HelpCentre, where they met each other and eventually started dating. They got married the same year they met.

Edward grew up in a family of sound moral principles, but, as time went by, constant fighting and arguing broke the family apart he recalls. ‘We could not communicate. All we did was to attack one another.

Ana grew up with an abusive father who continually cheated on her mother with other women. This resulted in her parents separating when she was 18.

Despite their hardships, Edward and Ana have been able to become much better versions of themselves through their marriage and their faith.

By the time Edward met Ana, he had just come from a place of heartbreak. After three years filled with ups and downs in a relationship, he realised that, in spite of his strong feelings for his then partner, they were wholly incompatible. However, Ana stood out when he met her because of her strength and positive outlook on love, despite the negative experiences she had encountered as a child. It has been 18 years and they are still going strong. Although their pasts are full of hurt, their relationship remains solid. Week to week, they will be sharing these experiences and the lessons learnt with the audience.

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Are you facing conflicts in your relationship?
Can you change your partner?
Do you feel like your relationship has fallen into a routine?
Let’s explore some myths and misconceptions about love.

"Learn to love with intelligence"

Every Saturday at 11am mytv Sky channel 191

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