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“I never wanted to get married because of the bad examples I saw around me. My friends all had children from more than one woman, and they convinced me that marriage was a prison. I didn’t have an example to look up to, until I began attending the seminars held at the Rainbow Theatre. My perception changed and I understood that it is possible to be happy in love.”

Eder de Jesus,

“My husband and I didn’t meet in a typical setting, in fact we met in a nightclub. I was on a search to fill the emptiness and loneliness I felt, and he was there just for a fun night out. We dated, but there were always arguments and complaints between us. When we were invited and began attending the Love Talk seminars, we learnt how to be happy within ourselves and how to make each other happy. Our relationship has improved immensely!”

Amanda and Carlos,

“Before I started attending the Love Talk seminars, I was very emotional when it came to matters of love. It was only through faithfully attending that my wounds were healed. I learnt step-by-step what I needed to do to improve, and today I am happily married.”

Mary Danquah,

“Apart from being helpful, the seminars have given me practical tips that I can apply in my relationship, especially when I learnt about setting and maintaining boundaries in my day-to-day life.”

Peta-Kay Gordon,