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  • c-working_together

    Couples working together

    On today's Love Talk, we talk about couples who work together or work in
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  • nightout


    On Today's show, we are talking about flirting. Is flirting ok with some people?
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  • casal virado as costas

    Is stress turning people off sex

    On today's Love Talk, we discuss how stress can affect your relationship and your
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  • dosanddonts

    Do’s and Don’ts of Dating

    On todays Love Talk, we discuss the do's and don'ts of dating. We speak
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  • lonely

    Lonely Valentine

    With Valentine's day just around the corner, we headed to the Southbank Centre, in
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  • Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.17.05


    On today's show, we look at how some men are able to talk about
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  • letgo

    Letting yourself go

    On todays show, we look at the subject of people who, once they have
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  • Couple-cleaning

    Stereotypical roles

    On today's show, we are looking at stereotypical people. Women nag, men are all
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  • gift

    Anniversary show

    It’s our 1 year birthday! We have a special episode today in which Chrissy
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  • couple

    Friendship over relationship

    On today's show, we have a panel of guests to talk about spending more
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  • money-rel

    Money and relationships

    On todays Love Talk Show, we ask the question, Does money have an impact
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  • porn

    Till porn do us part…

    Nowadays pornography is easily accessible by anyone with an electronic device. Our guests on
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  • mil

    The mother-in-laws syndrome

    On this episode, we have guest, Lisa Hodgkinson on the show who talks to
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  • perfect-relationship

    The Myth of a perfect relationship

    On this episode of Love Talk, we look at the myth of people having
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  • hobby

    Can a hobby harm a relationship?

    On this episode, Love Talks takes a look at whether a hobby can do
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  • long-distance

    Long distance relationships

    Love Talk looks at long distance relationships and asks guest, Bentley Browning, if it
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  • trust

    Trust issues and insecurities

    On this episode of Love Talk, we discuss the issue of people cheating on
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  • sexy

    How to deal with a break up

    On this episode, Love Talk talks about the stages of heartbreak and how to
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  • sexy

    Addicted to sex

    On this episode of Love Talk, psychotherapist Owen Redahan speaks about sex addiction. This
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  • aggressive

    Why do people become aggresive in a relationship part 2

    In the previous show, Ashkhen shared with us about how she was physically and
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  • sinparent2

    Single parents and love part 2

    In this 2nd part of the topic, Single parents and love, we now look
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  • sinparent

    Single parents and love

    Today Love Talk looks at being a single parent. Our guest on the show,
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  • agress

    Why do people become aggressive in a relationship?

    Why do people become aggressive in a relationship? Find out about our guest, Ashkhen,
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  • fear

    Fear to commit

    Why do some people fear commitment? There usually is an underlining issue surrounding this.
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  • insecure

    Insecure in a relationship

    Are you in a relationship and feel insecure? On todays show, we have married
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  • frindswith-ex

    Being friends with your Ex

    In todays episode, Love Talk looks at whether it is possible to remain friends
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  • reject

    Life after rejection

    Have you ever been rejected by someone? How did you overcome this or did
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  • teacup

    A storm in a tea cup

    What happens when a little argument turns into a storm in a tea cup?
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  • cultureifferent

    Culture and outside influences on relationships

    Today we have a panel on the show to ask their opinion on whether
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  • no-commit

    Not ready to commit

    In this show, we Love Talk talks about when one person in the relationship
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