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  • 2

    How do you deal with strong willed partners

    Some men/women have integrity, kindness, and an overall great character. But sometimes can be
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  • m

    Mistakes women make in a relationship

    On today's show James and Helena point out the mistakes women make in a
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  • df

    10 signs that you are dating the wrong person

    On today's show we have a couple who have been married for only a
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  • f

    You can’t change me

    Todays topic is about, trying to change your partner. Sometime's in a relationship, your
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  • a

    Can you learn to love someone?

    Todays topic is about, learning to love someone. Maytime people have said to one
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  • dd

    Independent Women

    On todays show, we look at independent women. Women who put their career first
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  • me

    Its All About Me Me Me!

    Today’s show is all about self obsession and how people allow this to be
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  • bom

    Diffusing The Daily Bomb

    On today’s show, we look at couples who argue and how this can seriously
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  • per

    The Perfect Man

    On today’s show, we look at whether the perfect man exists, what is your
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  • D

    Cougar Culture Panel Show

    On todays show, we talk about cougars. Is it the right thing to do
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  • FF

    Waiting till Marriage to have Sex

    On today's show, we discuss the topic of, 'Waiting tip marriage to have sex'.
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  • h


    On todays show, we talk about money in relationships and how this links with
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  • 13

    13 year anniversary

    Todays show is dedicated to the hosts, James and Helena, as it's their 13
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  • tpm


    On todays show we take a humorous look at PMS, and how to deal
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  • gg

    Selfish Relationships

    It's all about me, me and me!
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  • gf

    Ken & Barbie syndrome

    On todays Love Talk show, we're talking about the 'Ken & Barbie' syndrome.
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  • honesty

    Brutally honest

    Is being brutally honest, the best thing when your having an argument, or just
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  • baggae

    When your baggage affects your relationship

    On todays show, we look into the scenario where some people carry into new
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  • boy

    The Ex that never goes away

    Today's show is all about the the Ex that can't get rid of.
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  • f

    Afraid to commit

    On todays show, we look at people who have issues with commitment.
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  • n


    On todays show we are talking about temptations. Some people say marriage is looked
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  • so

    Myth of the soul mate

    On todays show, we are talking about, soul mates! Is it a myth? Heard
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  • dv

    Love Talk Live

    This show is very different to the one you know. This is the Love
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  • x

    Crossing the line

    On todays show, we look at the topic of crossing the line. Have you
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  • fgg

    Jealousy in relationships

    On todays show, we talk about whether jealousy in a relationship can cause a
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  • rj

    Virtual Love

    On todays show, we look at whether you can you substitute real love for
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  • Y

    Being the other woman

    On today’s episode, we talk about being the other woman. Being the other woman
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  • v

    Does money make someone more attractive

    As the title of this show suggests, does money make you more attractive?? Find
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  • d

    Staying together for the kids

    On today’s show, we are talking about the subject of, couples staying together for
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  • DY

    Couples working together

    On today's Love Talk, we talk about couples who work together or work in
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